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  • Apr, Sun, 2021

New Thriller Uncovers Inner City Evils

In a gripping thriller, New York Times best-selling author Lisa Scottoline takes readers on a rousing ride through her beloved city of Philadelphia. But this time in “Devil’s Corner” (HarperTorch, $7.99), she departs from the halls of the legal firm, Rosato & Associates, and delivers a stand-alone novel featuring a memorable new heroine.

Inspired by one of the biggest drug busts in Philadelphia history, the novels centers around two women who work together to solve a murder. These two sleuths-fresh-faced Assistant U.S. Attorney Vicki Allegretti and the street-smart suspect in the case, Reheema Bristow-come from backgrounds as different as night and day.

Yet when they uncover a string of connected murders, intertwined with rampant criminal activity that’s putting even more families and lives at risk, the two women unite to save a neighborhood close to both their hearts.

From posh suburbs to the darkest recesses of gritty West Philly, and from buzzing government offices to dark interrogation rooms, Lisa Scottoline once again delivers a smart and compelling read. “Devil’s Corner” is available in paperback wherever books are sold.

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