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Is Issac Asimov the Father of Science Fiction?

When it comes to science fiction, one question is often asked:Isaac-Asimov.Isaac-Asimov- does he deserve the credit as “father” of Science fiction? The answer to that question has caused many debates in the past. Some of those who answer this question in the affirmative do so for a variety of reasons, including Asimov’s impressive list of works. Those who answer in the negative, often do so as a matter of historical reference. It is hard to argue against the premise that Issac Asimov was one of the founding fathers of modern science fiction. When died at the age of 70, he had published an estimated 370 books and stories. This is impressive and no one can debate that fact. Just as impressive is his life story which begins with his birth in Petrovichi, Russia in 1920 and continued throughout his lifetime.

One of the main reasons Asimov was so well loved as writer was his background in science. He knew what he was writing about, even when his knowledge was used in works of fiction. He was educated in biochemistry, kinetics, enzymology and photochemistry to name of a few of the disciplines he knew. His work ethic also helped him to achieve such prominence. He normally wrote a full eight hours a day and would write for weeks on end in order to finish a project. There is also another question that often causes debate: In terms of science fiction novels – the Best selling novels equals the best? This is yet another of those questions that can be answered in different ways, depending on how you look at the question. It is no secret that Issac Asimov had many best selling novels. Some of these novels are still as loved today as they were years ago when they first came out. But the same can be said of other writers as well.

For instance, Jules Vern is considered by many to be one of the pioneers of science fiction, just as Asimov is considered. In terms of best selling novels, Vern was extremely popular in his day and age and his works continue to be read and cherished even in this modern time. To answer the question of whether being best selling equates to being the best, truly depends on how a person looks at it. One of the more unique distinctions of Asimov is that while he was born Jewish, he did not believe in God or the supernatural. He was, by all accounts, a humanist. In his mind, the forces of good and evil did not reside in heaven or hell but rather within mankind itself. This deep feeling that humans were responsible for their own plight (as well as achievements) is shown throughout much of published work. Much of his work concentrates on how humans (and other intelligent beings) act and react to problems that they themselves have created. In addition to novels, Asimov is also known a short story writer. One of his best known short stories is “Nightfall”. For those new to Asimov, this would be a great place to begin as the story delves into many of the issues that his longer works focus upon. So, to answer the question: Isaac Asimov – does he deserve the credit as “father” of Science fiction? Well, some say yes and some say no. You decide for yourself.

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Scott Turow – Author Biographies

Scott Turow was born on April 12, 1949 in Chicago, Illinois. After graduating from New Trier High School, he attended Amherst College where he graduated in 1970. He won a scholarship to attend Stanford College Writing Center where he graduated in 1975. He attended Harvard Law School from 1975 to 1978. Scott says that he knew he wanted to be a writer from the time he was 17 years old. He said he decided to write and practice law when he realized that he wasn’t going to support himself as a writer. During his first year at Harvard, he was commissioned to write a book about his experiences as a first year law student. The outcome is “One L”, published in 1977. Scott Turow married Annette, a painter in 1971. They have three children, but divorced in 2008. From 1978 to 1986, Scott was an Assistant United States Attorney in Chicago where he prosecuted several high profile cases. Besides his books, Scott has published many articles including reviews and a treatise on why he does not believe in the death penalty. In 2003 his book, “Ultimate Punishment: A Lawyer’s Reflection on Dealing with the Death Penalty”, was published. Scott Turow is a partner in a large national law firm, Sonnenshein, Nath and Rosenthal.

He has worked pro bono cases especially for those wrongfully convicted, as in the case of Alejandro Hernandez. Mr. Hernandez was accused and convicted of the murder of a young girl. He spent 11 years on death row before Mr. Turow won his release in 1996. Scott says that at one time he was death penalty agnostic, but no more. Scott Turow was appointed, by then Governor Ryan, to the Commission of Capital Punishment and Reform. He is a trustee at Amherst College and was the Author’s Guild for a year and still serves on the board of directors. He also served on the United States Senate Nominations Commission.Scott has practiced law part time since 1986. He says he writes in the morning and becomes a lawyer in the afternoon. He claims that he still has billable hours every day. Most of Scott Turow’s books are legal thrillers.

An exemption is “Ordinary Heroes.” Scott says that “Ordinary Heroes” is a book that he had wanted to write since he was 17 years old. This book centers on fathers and sons, WWII and hidden pasts. Scott says his own family fabricated their far three of Scott Turow’s books have been made into movies: Presumed Innocent in 1990, The Burden of Proof in 1992 and Reversible Errors in 2004. Times magazine once touted Scott Turow as “The Bard of the Litigious Age.” The Los Angeles Times says, “No one writes better mystery suspense novels than Scott Turow.” Scott Turow Novels: Presumed Innocent (1987)The Burden of Proof (1990)Pleading Guilty (1993)The Laws of Our Fathers (1996)Personal Injuries (1999)Reversible Errors (2002)Ordinary Heroes (2005)Limitations (2006) Nonfiction:One L (1977)Ultimate Punishment: A Layer’s Reflection on Dealing with the Death Penalty (2003)

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How to Write Humorously – Learning From Charles Dickens In ‘A Tale Of Two Cities’

Dickens had distributed the humour among various pockets: the way he described the characters, the manners that the lords of the land followed in France, and the narrative technique in which he had no competitor. While describing the human tragedies and follies of common men, he had endeavoured to infuse funniness through the comedy of manners. But he had not tried to soften the bitterness of truth that the ongoing revolution was supposed to hold.A� Charles DickensA�had courage to be an innovator. Standing against all the contemporary writers, he had chosen the subject like poverty in ‘Oliver Twist’.A�A�He obeyed his inner voice-his sincere service to the world in he lived.A�A�Again, even if being the writer of neat fiction, he chose history as background for his novelA�’A Tale of Two Cities’. The writer of ‘Domby and Sons’ and ‘Martin Chuzzlewit’ preferred to narrate rigid truth of the history without reservations, without making compromises.

And the result is before our eyes. He chose theme of history because it contained the hardest challenges the people had faced; he chose it because the larger portion of the people had at last responded to the wildest behaviour shown to them throughout the years. Every drop of blood spilled on the street of Paris, every drop of the sweat fallen on the farms of feudal France, melted into each other and became the blade of the Guillotine. And then everything flew from the power of that Guillotine. Dickens picked up that theme; honoured it in its right perspective; and dealt with it with his masterly skill.A� While reading Dickens, humour would not fail in helping our strains to disappear. It would make our mind lighter. Had Dickens not been a writer and the humorist as he was, he would have become a social activist.

Such were the subjects he chose for his writings. ‘A Tale of Two Cities’, a novel that runs overloaded with the hard facts of an ongoing revolution, it contains salient stock of wits and irony. Though the thematic compulsions restrained Dickens to become outright humorist; he fully counterbalanced it while caricaturing some of the characters.A�A� If we look at the novel from a different angle, then a war or a revolution is the greatest satire itself. The mankind has never learnt a lesson from the past. We go on slaughtering each other without realising the futility of our actions. Perhaps that was the biggest message this novel should have delivered.A� A�’A Tale of Two Cities’ is the masterpiece novel. It would shine like a gem on a bookshelf.

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The Art of War For Writers – Fiction Writing Strategies, Tactics, and Exercises by James Scott Bell

The Art Of War For Writers: fiction writing strategies, tactics, and exercises” by James Scott Bell is an enlightening, informative, motivating, and practical little gem of a book for anyone who wants to successfully start and finish a publishable novel. I’m a fan of Sun Tzu, and I’m working on selling my first novel, so I was immediately drawn to this book when I saw the title. It was much better than I even anticipated. Bell’s advice is solid and this book contains the essential elements needed to be victorious as a writer. The wisdom comes in seventy-seven short chapters divided into three main parts: Reconnaissance, Tactics, and Strategy. Under reconnaissance, you find suggestions such as being aware of what the successful writing life is like, put heart into everything you write, and finish your novel. The tactics in part two include testing your premise to prove it worthy, utilizing the Q Factor as a strategic weapon for motivation at just the right time, and whether to outline or not to outline.

The third part, Strategy, focuses more on the business of writing, such as goals, networks, when to get an agent and when not to, and promoting your book. I also really liked the chapters on rejections and criticism, something all writers experience as I’m currently learning first hand. Bell uses quotes from Sun Tzu in places throughout the text, but he also quotes many authors, agents, and editors. There are tons of examples contained in the short chapters, and it’s a book I know I’ll be turning to again and again to assist me with my writing. I’ll look to it for both for practical strategies and suggestions, and for motivation. One of the most important things Bell stresses in various places is to continue to write. He provides quotes from various authors on how they design their typical writing days, but the bottom line is that every writer must be disciplined to hit the keyboard.

The final word is encouraging and motivational and I’m sure I’ll read this chapter more than any other. The final words must be remembered and kept on the forefront of all writers, “Keep fighting. Keep writing.” If you are inspiring to write fiction, I highly recommend “The Art of War For Writers” by James Scott Bell. It is a great addition to any author’s bookshelf, and one that you will turn to again and again as you navigate and pursue victory in the publishing industry.

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Thrilling Romance Novels Review

Scott Nicholson writes Liquid Fear, a novel about a man who wakes up with a murdered woman in his motel with only a bottle of pills as a clue to what might have happened. It takes on the mystery of a pharmacy conspiracy that occurred years before and left one of them dead and the rest with acute memory loss. Now, the experiments continue and to keep off dangerous side effects such as phobias and dangerous impulses, they must take pills every four hours, but the pills have run out and the people are cracking beneath the pressure. The story surrounds the struggle of these characters to figure out what to do when the pills have run out and their inhibitions are no longer in their own hold. Nancy C. Johnson writes Her Last Letter, is about a pair of three sisters, one of which died and left a letter saying that one of her sister’s husbands murdered her, as they were involved in intimate relations.

Now, it is up to the two living sisters to determine which of their husbands was the killer and which of the ones had the relationship with the sister. Both men are wealthy with mysterious backgrounds and are suspects causing a whirlwind of mistrust and suspicion in the lives of these two women. For danger and suspense, this is a novel to read. J.R. Rain writes Moon Dance, a novel about a female vampire who has children and a husband and became a vampire only six years ago when she was attacked. While trying to carry on her business, she also has to deal with her husband’s dislike of her vampire form and the strain that her cold body puts on their love life. Luckily, she finds a new love later on and manages to overcome her obstacles. Heather Killough-Walden writes A Big Bad Wolf Romance: The Spell. This book is about a young witch who dreams of werewolves, one being a murderer and the other being a man with a dark past who seeks revenge upon a warlock who once took his brother from him.

Drawn to each other, this is a story of magical romance that follows the journey of two people whose paths cross and they are unable to do anything to stop the connection between them. The third installment in a series, you could try reading The Strip and The Heat, as well, for a more comprehensive look on the books. Lori Foster writes When You Dare, a book about a professional mercenary who believes that persona lives should never mix in business. But when a lovely woman asks him to track down a man who had kidnapped her, he can’t resist her beauty and is tempted to mix pleasure with business. Molly, however, is in a mission and cannot think of anything but who among her father or old fianc?� might have been the one that kidnapped her. For a book that is filled with passion and crime, as well as the intensity of some dark, shady business, this is the novel to read.

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5 Reasons to Read Buying Guides

Some people don’t invest time to read buying guides before purchasing a products or services. As a result, they still find it hard to buy the proper product. In fact, many get a thing that can’t meet their demands. Therefore, it is very important read buying guides because they provide a lots of benefits. In this short article, we will check out few logic behind why you can examine out buying guides before you make a purchase order.

They Offer Plenty of Information

Buying guides provide a lots of fact-based information about how you can aquire and rehearse a particular product. The information shown in a guide is effective for users along with the employees of an business or company.

Aside from this, the data during these guides will help you work with a product the proper way. Using an item the wrong way damages or reduce its life significantly. Besides, when the product is a hazardous machine, it may well hurt you.

They help Minimize Damages

If you stick to the guidelines succumbed this content, you may be in a position to reduce the probability of damaging your product or service. Therefore, you won’t need to pay a large amount of money to do the repairs. Since these guides can be found free of cost, there’s no need to hire the services associated with an expert only to learn to use the product you have purchased.

They Guarantee Personal Safety

Another big benefit of reading buying guides is because can help reduce accidents while using an item. Many types of machineries generate heat, produce powerful lasers, or high voltage. If you don’t learn how to utilize these machines, you could end up having an accident.

Aside out of this, buying guides provide a lot of legal counsel that can protect you and the employees from legal consequences.

They Help Save Time and Energy

In nowadays, you will need to not waste time and and then we can meet our responsibilities in addition to performing our routine chores. Reading buying guides can help you take away the confusion while using a machine the very first time.

Therefore, they provide you with the required time to get ready and install some device. Therefore, you don’t have to ask anyone how to utilize product. Also, these guides help engineers and salesman save a great deal of time as they need not show each customer how to utilize the product they have got purchased. Also, guide the uses of the product make the most out of their purchase. This way they can fully enjoy the product.

They Help Find Out about the Legitimacy of an Company

Typically, customers want to know whenever possible regarding desired product before getting a quote. Therefore, the only method to determine whether an organization is legitimate is always to read buying guides.

So, they’re 5 main reasons why you could want to read buying guides before placing your order to buy your desired product.

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The Japanese American Story As Told Through A Collection of Speeches and Articles, A Story of Hope

Although there’s been some attention taken to the experience of Japanese Americans during World War II when we of Japanese descent were unjustly incarcerated in American concentration camps, this is a story about which high of the public is not aware. These people suffered extreme racism and hatred. Surviving required desire to bring some light out of the darkness of their lives.

Most in the earliest immigrants from Japan who stumbled on the United States found its way to the early years in the 1900’s with some arriving inside late 1800’s. They were young single men who came as laborers to create a better life on their own. America was seen as the “land of opportunity” for many years where riches may be had. They had an answer to a chance to find success within this land where it seemed that anyone may make lots of money by working hard.

Although they faced racism and discrimination at just about any turn, they kept their hope alive. At that time, these were not allowed to become citizens from the United States but they had made this country their property for decades. Many could marry and also have families. Their children were American citizens. They stressed education, and lots of from the younger generation had earned college degrees. However, racism still affected them, plus it was hard for college graduates to locate meaningful work in their areas of study. Still, they held onto the hope that light will come and conditions would improve.

Then December 7, 1941, had the bombing of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii from the Imperial Navy of Japan. Immediately, immigrants from Japan who had previously been leaders inside their communities were accumulated from the FBI and set in prison. Those arrested included men who owned small businesses, leaders within community groups, Buddhist priests, and Japanese language teachers. Their families were advised little reely about where these folks were being taken.

It was a dark day for all Japanese Americans in addition to their immigrant parents. They were suspected for being the enemy. The immigrant parents thought their children can be safe because these folks were American citizens born in the United States. As rumors begun to circulate regarding the government doing their best to imprison all the people of Japanese heritage into camps, the oldsters expected it to merely occur to the immigrants. They had a belief and hope how the government may not do this to its own citizens.

Yet it did happen. Around 120,000 persons of Japanese heritage, men, women, and kids, were forcibly taken from their homes around the west coast and placed in American concentration camps. They were put in temporary detention centers at race tracks and fair grounds before the camps, that have been hastily constructed in remote and desolate areas in the country. were ready for occupancy. Hope was dim for a brighter day.

The Japanese American Story As Told Through A Collection of Speeches and Articles is a book which takes care of much of that section of American history. Many with the untold stories of the population group are told through speeches and articles which are presented. The book contains most of the storyplot of Japanese Americans and of the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL), a civil rights organization established to assist gain civil rights and fight racism.

When darkness has life, it is necessary to battle light which could originate from keeping hope alive instead of letting go of. Adapting to whatever changes come is essential to finding light and success. It may be important to make adjustments and change plans on the way. It is just not easy to overcome darkness when it’s permeating so heavily in way of life since it was for many who were placed inside American concentration camps of World War II. Yet hope brings light and overcome the darkness.

The Japanese Americans eventually could become successful and acceptance as soon as the end of World War II, largely as a result of patriotism and sacrifices of young Japanese Americans who served in the United States military. Most were inside segregated unit with the 442nd Regimental Combat Team/100th Battalion.

It took hope and perseverance to not quit and to find light when darkness did actually prevail. The story of Japanese Americans is one kind of hope, light, perseverance, and success

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The Problem With Reading About Online MLM

I just finished reading a great eBook about doing online MLM. The eBook had lots of helpful tips, as well as success stories about people who have developed a wonderful passive income stream doing online MLM. The whole eBook was great except for one thing: There is a world of difference between reading about online MLM and doing it. What Reading Novels and Reading about Online MLM Have in Common Don’t get me wrong, I love to read about online MLM. I love that other people read what I write about this business. That’s not the problem. The problem happens when people actually get online, sign up for their blog and social media accounts, and start doing their MLM business online. That’s when the problems crop up. Why? Let me give you an example. I read this sentence in the eBook on doing MLM online: “Bob followed this approach, and six months later, moved three levels up his MLM company’s compensation plan.” That sounds great, right? Bob’s approach was to write a couple of blogs and work three social media platforms.

No big deal. And he moved three levels up the compensation plan. That’s great. After all, who can’t do what Bob did for six months, right? Wrong. And that’s what reading about online MLM and reading novels share in common: it’s too easy. It is soooooo easy to read about some black-ops superhero kicking butt in a novel, with his special tools, his martial arts moves, and his network of connections. It’s easy to read, hard to do. Ditto with online MLM. It’s soooooo easy to read about Bob, who just easily taps out six blog posts a week for his two blogs (one for product and one for business), and who handles all of his social media “networking” with ease. So not happening… unless Bob is a psycho workaholic who just LOVES to spend all of his time on the computer after he comes home from his day job. Not. See, it took only one sentence to write about Bob’s six month’s worth of grueling effort. It takes only one second to read the words “six months later.” But the truth of the matter is, Bob spent six months slaving away. See what I mean? See the difference between one second’s worth of reading and six month’s worth of effort? Somehow, our brains translate the effort it takes to read ABOUT online MLM into the effort we think it will actually take to do online MLM.

It only took a second to read the words, so how hard could it be? That’s what we say to ourselves, all the time. Really. Online MLM in the Real World So let’s get down to brass tacks for a minute and talk about doing your MLM business online, in the real world, not in Bob’s superhero world. Is what Bob doing possible? Yes. Is it probable? No. Is the average Joe likely to be able to follow Bob’s path. Nuh-uh. So what is possible, probable, and likely for the average Joe who wants to do MLM online? Well, here are the facts about online MLM as I understand them based on my real-world experience: 1. Online MLM takes as much time and effort as any other small business. The main difference is that your overhead is much lower than the average bricks and mortar startup storefront. 2. Online MLM is a skill, like any other. Just because you are online doesn’t mean you don’t have to network, build trust, make friends, influence people, etc. You have to do all of that, plus you have to learn to do it in the online world, which has its own set of rules. 3. Keep your day job, if you have one. You don’t need as much capital as you would for a regular startup small business, but you still need cashflow because unless you are a psycho workaholic, you are not going to hit the top of the compensation plan in six months. Reading about Online MLM: My Advice After a decade of doing MLM online, my advice is that you should definitely keep reading and learning about doing this business online. Or listening to CDs or watching DVDs. Whatever floats your boat. The thing is, whenever you run across a sentence, or even an entire article that talks about someone’s success, don’t be tempted to think that it was EVER easy. It NEVER is. Online MLM can create an immensely steady passive income for you.

It can be developed into a financial asset. It can do a lot of things. But it takes as much effort as anything else in the world. So… do keep reading. Just don’t be fooled. Unless the article you are reading describes the blood, sweat, and tears it took a person to reach success in gory detail, learn what you can from the article, but don’t be lulled into the idea that MLM is “rags to riches” with no effort. Just a word of warning to the wise. I love MLM and I love online MLM even more. I just don’t want MLM to have a bad name in your book because you aren’t a millionaire, or even a thousandaire, in six months. Slow steady effort is the key.

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Thriller Novels: Where Does the Kick Come From?

Scarcely any novel enthusiast has not read any thriller novels at all. The genre is immensely popular with readers of all ages. The best thrillers have provided gripping suspense, exhilaration, and enjoyment to readers since the first beginnings of the genre. Their scope is vast, with many sub-genres. So, what are they? Obviously, the novel must must engender thrills in its readers. Straightforward enough, but where are the origins of this ability? The predecessors of thriller novels originated with the writers of early civilizations such as the Greeks or Persians. For example, the Odyssey in Greek and the Mahabharata in Sanskrit were, it can be argued constructed using similar narrative mechanisms to the modern day thriller novels. Originating in the Tenth Century and later translated by Sir Richard Burton, the Arabian Nights narrates the first ever detective thriller as a tale entitled “The Three Apples”. With this ancestry, the art has grown and contemporary ‘thrill fiction’ can be sub-divided into several genres such as the intelligence related thriller, medical, political, legal case related thriller, historical, technological, action, exploration oriented thriller, armed forces operations thriller, and romantic thriller. At least. The list is practically never ending. Thrilling the readers, that’s all it’s about, and there are so many ways.

Normally, all of the genres will be creating thrills by working on several aspects of the reader’s mind: emotions, empathy with a character, impatience, uncertainty, fear, anticipation and even panic. The most able novelist will be toying with several of these areas of the reader’s mind at any one time. The reader’s imagination, though, is definitely the most effective target area for the novelist to work on, but it is also the aspect needing the highest skill to manipulate effectively. Although each of the sub genres has its inherent dimensions, there are a few regular techniques used by novelists. For example: the disguising of significant facts from the reader until the a climactic point, the dramatic description of combat (even if only verbal). Add in foreshadowing, unexpected twists in the plot and hanging chapter ends and you have the basic devices which are deployed to work up the thrill and excitement levels.

Let’s examine a couple of sub-genres in more detail: The espionage thriller offers a typical example of the thriller genre-type. Some specialize in the operation of intelligence gathering structures within particular countries and governments – for example the British SIS or the Chinese Guoanbu. Other genre-specialist writers focus on the technology of espionage, be they satellites or miniature cameras. The main character is often an anti-hero having a problem with her organization. In psychological thriller novels, brain games as well as infatuations, persecutions, mental entrapment and other such themes are the most common structural devices. So, there’s plenty of scope for writing and giving thrills to readers.

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Book Review: Ford Madox Ford’s Novel’ The Good Soldier’

Ford Madox Ford is among those writers whose life spanned two centuries. He came to be in 1873 and died in 1939. His novel ‘A good Soldier: Tale of Passion’ was developed in 1915 and it is rated as one of the great books in the last century. The original title from the novel was ‘The Saddest Story’. His publishers suggested some other title as World War I was at progress. On the spur with the moment Madox Ford suggested ‘The Good Soldier’ and the title found immediate acceptance with all the publisher.

The Good Soldier is a tale of love and passion. Critics are from the view how the novel could very well be in line with the personal life of Madox Ford through which he faced intrigue and adultery. The novel is defined ahead of the oncoming of World War I and relates the tale of Edward Ashburnham, a soldier. Edward may be the tragic determine the novel despite seemingly developing a happy marriage. Along with Edward, Ford creates two American friends of Edward.

Madox Ford relates the storyplot in a unique way. He incorporates flashbacks. These are not in any chronological order, but form a part with the design of Madox Ford, that is unique to him. The story is related by an American John Dowell. Basically the novel delineates the sexual relationships between two couples, one American as well as the other English. The narrator from the tale John Dowell may be the only person your reader can approach as they could be the individual who is relating the storyplot. As a reader reads the book the storyline develops a macabre atmosphere.

Madox over the narrator John Dowell gradually reveals some sort of which leads to insanity, death and despair. In this respect the novel makes heavy reading. As people reads the book, Madox Ford gives the fore the countless vicissitudes of life as well as the relationship that dominate a guy plus a woman the most, the sexual relationship. The novel is really a powerful statement of human life and seeing it one wonders that Madox Ford himself will need to have led a life through which his dream had not been fulfilled.

The novel will not run in a very single stream, but is divided into four parts, which are interlinked.

The novel is a powerful statement of life by Madox Ford. In 1998 the Modern library ranked ‘The Good Soldier’ 30th on its list of the 100 best English language novels in the 20th century. Most critics rate it as being among best novels coded in the last century. Madox Ford collaborated with Thomas Hardy plus befriended Hemingway. It was considered one of his regrets which he has not been given recognition by both of these worthies, though Hemingway wrote a chapter on his choosing Madox in the restaurant in certainly one of his books.